Like It or Love It

The last thing you want to do is suppress your emotions. Start feeling what you feel, when you feel it and you'll avoid the deadly "emotional detox".  Also, is it time to weed the garden? Taking people inventory is necessary every once in awhile in order to live your best life.  Listen in to Michele & Steve's experience on these topics. Visit us on 


Let Me Count The Ways

Oh, Let me count the ways....Imagine that for your birthday you ask your friends and family to do a random act of kindness for each year of your life?  Michele & Steve interview a call in guest who did just that. Listen in to this amazing story. Also, other topics that have kept Steve & Michele bantering till almost midnight.  Visit us at 


What’s Your Emotional Number?

What number are you? It could be the most important number that you are. More important than your age. Listen in to Michele & Steve and find out how to increase this number and improve your life. Premium Subscription Link  


2,000 Years

You can't buy time back! True happiness is about the small moments that we are present for throughout the day. String a bunch of tender moments along throughout the day and now you're living your best life! Steve & Michele discuss the importance of thinking about what you're going to leave this Earth when you're gone. It's all about love and compassion. Visit us on  


Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Wow, If we could only be comfortable being uncomfortable, everything would be ok.  Listen in to Michele & Steve discuss how they use discomfort as a tool in being present in their own life. Just hang in there long enough and things start to change for the better.


Use Me As Your Instrument

What a saying! "God, use me as your instrument" Visualizing what you want in life and asking for it in a way where you become the instrument is an important step in realizing your best life. You can attract almost anything you think about, positive or negative. Become an active monitor of your thoughts. 


Shining Star

Twinkle, Twinkle, Shining Star... Oh how wonderful we are! This episode is from the Laugh or Go Crazy archives. A funny recording about how special we all are.  Steve discovers the word Namaste' and Michele realizes that yes, I am a shining star too. We all are shining stars and we need to start believing. Premium Membership Link


Just The Way You Are

It's time to slay the dragon of anxiety! Don't worry, he's not too scary! It's time to stand up to the things that keep us frozen in fear. Also, celebrating all that is around us, including the people we most care about. It's time to break out the good wine. Premium Subscription Link $20 for 1 Year

Simple Truths

It's the small truths in life that have the biggest punch! Listen to your heart when trying to navigate your life. Simple Truths is truly a recipe for living your best life. Thanks for joining us. Join our Premium Subscription premiumsimplegreensign.png

I Don’t Do That, I Am That!

Steve turns the table on Michele and dives into her childhood. Also on the show.....Are you living life in the "safe lane?" If so, listen in on some ways to stop playing it safe. Premium Subscription Link 


Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness comes in small moments throughout our life, and sometimes it is the pursuit of happiness that can actually be more satisfying than happiness itself.  In the end, we are all responsible for our own happiness! It's the journey that we remember most. Premium Subscription Link 


A Matter of Trust

Are you ready for a Trust rating? Well some say it's coming sooner than you think. It's all about trust. Also, our NYC recap and some interesting stories from Michele's Namaste' News and observations from the week. Premium Membership Link 


Stairway To Happiness

Start climbing the steps to happiness.  Tonight we talk about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and fulfillment. Find out where you are on the happiness scale. Fulfillment & happiness is only a few steps away.  Visit us at  e-mail us at


Be Here Now!

Spring has sprung! It's all about being present and here now. This one idea of being present in your everyday life can be a game changer. Listen and see..... Visit us at  

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The Story of You

What is the story of you?  What chapter are you in? Are you writing your best life? The Story of You is an important one which must be shared and embraced. Even the not so good parts. Each part of your story is a celebration of your life's achievements and survival.  Be proud of it! It's unique to you and it is a great one!  Start to share yourself with people around you and begin to tell your story.   


A Successful Mind

Our thoughts create our reality. Imagine yourself controlling your mind in a way that invites success that has no limits? Change your thoughts, change your life! Listen in to Michele & Steve discover the power that lies within.  


You’re My Home

Wow....feeling a sense of home within yourself is BIG. Home is where the heart is they say. Well, that couldn't be more closer to the truth. It doesn't matter where you're living, it's you that makes it home. When you get that, you can be ok with anything. Listen in...Truly a great show!


Welcome Message 1 Minute

New to Laugh or Go Crazy? Listen to this 1 minute welcome message to find out what we're about. It's all about living your best life here and laughing while we do it. Premium Subscription $20 for 1 Year Unlimited Access 


Lost My Wind!

You're sailing along in life and all of a sudden you lose your wind for no good reason.  We try to figure it out and flush it out but nothing works. Listen to Michele & Steve discuss losing hope and making the shift to a new course. Upgrade to Premium Subscription 


Come Fly With Us!

Take a flight back in time with Steve & Michele.  Get to know them in a way you haven't heard before. Also, the concept of FLOW. Get lost in time with something you love to do. 

Premium Subscription Link


The House on The Hill

You can Google to find out almost everything that you want to know about these days. The one thing that you can not Google is to find out what is in your heart. Listen in to a very special premium show that takes you all the way to The House on The Hill. Premium Sign Up  


Slow Down, You Move Too Fast!

Become part of the slow movement! Start to change the narrative of your life in simple ways.  Remember, not all that wanders is lost.  You'll see how much more meaning you can bring into your life by being aware of how fast you are living. This show is a great one! Listen today. 

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Winter Blues

Feeling The Blues? Even if you're not, you're going to love this episode. Michele is on the "Therapy Couch" with Dr. Steve analyzing her need to keep busy and fear of boredom. Also, other fun topics that will sure to make you smile. 


Conduct Your Symphony

We're all in it together! Understanding that it's all about connecting with other people in order to achieve our TRUTH. When we do, we're the closest to our authentic self. 

Begin With The End In Mind

The best advice for living your best life is to start with your end in mind. It may sound strange to imagine yourself at the end of life, but it is a sure fire way to guarantee fulfillment and cut off regrets while living in the present. Listen in to Michele & Steve and cut off those regrets now!  Also, other hot topics are discussed and of course, Namaste' News! 

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“The Best Of” Laugh or Go Crazy 2

The "Best Of" Show Continues!  Listen in to Laugh or Go Crazy's funniest moments of 2014. Share the special clips with a friend today. We hope you will love them as much as we did. Happy New Year! 

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The “BEST Of” Laugh or Go Crazy! 1

Part I:  Favorite clips of episodes gone by chosen by Michele & Steve. Listen in to what makes the CRAZY in Laugh or Go Crazy! This show will sure to make you smile as you go about your day this holiday season. Reminisce with us today! 

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The Stranger

In the words of Billy Joel, The Stranger. "We all have a face that we hide away forever from the ones that we love." Could it be time to reveal all the faces of ourselves? Maybe it's time to show your perfect imperfections? Michele & Steve discuss how this could be a huge step for living your best life.  We are more alike than you think. 

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Lightening The Load

Could it be time to lighten your load? Moving on and letting go of things that weigh us down could be easier than you think. Being right does not always mean peace. Also, Michele & Steve roll out a new format to the show that is sure to make you smile. Let us know your feedback. 

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Purpose Principles Jake Ducey

 "Don't just read inspiring quotes, start to live an inspired life." Jake Ducey is featured on The Laugh or Go Crazy Show.  He speaks about his second book, Purpose Principles, which will be released on January 2, 2015. Jake's book is an inspiration to Laugh or Go Crazy and anyone who reads it. You will enjoy reading the stories of influential people turning their ordinary into legendary. You can too! Visit us on      e-mail us at


Jump Start Your Happiness

Did you ever feel as though you needed a "Jump Start" in the happiness department? It could be time to reset your thinking on happiness, feeling empty or alone, having self confidence, and telling people what you need when you need it, rather than just doing it yourself because it's easier. Plus...a few songs and some funny stories that will sure to make you smile!

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Spiritual Tune Up

It's time to bring yourself in for a "Tune Up"!  Some days we feel like we are running on all cylinders, while other days we require a little tune up. Sometimes a quickie is all we need. Listen to our podcast that is sure to rev you up!  e-mail us at

Times of Your Life

It's not always about looking forward! In order to truly move forward and make progress in our lives we also must take a look back and remember the times of our life.  Simple jesters and actions can make a big difference. Listen in to Michele & Steve's tribute to the past.  Join us on Facebook

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Celebration of Years

It's the Michele birthday show! How does Michele really feel about getting older? How Steve went from hiding his age to shouting it out. Getting comfortable with who, where, and what you are and feeling proud. It's time to think of your birthday as a celebration of years, a badge of honor in a way for surviving all what life has to offer. And a host of other hot topics that will sure to make you smile! Thanks for listening.  e-mail us at 


Discover Your Gold

Underneath our outer shell lies the beauty of our gold. The outside shell of ourselves doesn't satisfy us any longer after discovering the gold that lies beneath. Our greatness could be hidden and you owe it to yourself to chip away the layers to reveal your personal truth.   e-mail us at 


I love this episode! It's all about personal responsibility and accountability in this podcast! This is especially true for our own spiritual journeys and happiness. Also funny conversation about old TV shows such as Cheers and how they conger up nostalgia feelings. Michele & Steve's unscripted exchanges and banter go beyond funny.  Visit us at   e-mail us at

Somebody To Love

Everyone needs someone, especially if that someone is you! Listen to a great show available to our season pass holders. Thanks for upgrading your Laugh or Go Crazy subscription. We hope you enjoy this podcast episode. It's a good one. Steve & Michele  UPGRADE NOW 


The World Needs More Board Games!!

The World Needs More Board Games!!! Isn't that the truth!   It's time to have some fun. Listen today.  We're releasing old shows that are not currently being offered on our website. This episode can be enjoyed with our "Season Pass" subscription plan. (1 year subscription $5) Check out how to subscribe on our website site.


Strange Familiar

Available for Season Pass holders Premium Content. $5 for 1 year unlimited access. We hope you enjoy this podcast episode. It's a good one. Steve & Michele UPGRADE NOW


Moving Forward

Author John Petsco joins the show tonight in a lively discussion on our own personal journey, gratitude and moving forward in our lives. "Slowly, one foot after the other, heads down, they moved forward." The Elephant and The Stone   e-mail us at 


Personal Truth

Living your personal truth is essential for living an authentic life. It's more important in the end to have lived your truth even if it hurts.  You're going to like this episode. Michele & Steve Like us on


Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing....Wouldn't It Be Nice? It doesn't always go that way however.  Learn to set boundaries, trust your judgement and live according to your inner voice? A great message and show for you! Like Us on


Turn Up The Volume!

It's time to turn up the volume in your life. Imagine for minute that the Universe echo's back exactly what you put out there? So much so that you can alter the volume of your efforts and thus alter your destiny.  Like Us on 


New York Minute

The Currents in our lives have an ebb and flow to them. The Good and Bad times will eventually change, just like the tides of the ocean. Knowing this will help you through the bad moments in life and also enjoy the good times more deeply. Also, Things That Matter by Nate Berkus. Listen in to a fun and inspiring podcast by Michele & Steve. Live Your Best Life Now! Like Us on   e-mail us at


I Am Will Follow

I Am is a powerful mindful of your thoughts when you say this simple phrase. It just may come true. And other interesting topics to be bantered around. Listen in....


Living The Dream

What if life was a big dream and we could create anything we imagine? Living without limits could be the answer to creating a life beyond our wildest dreams. Also, Michele and Steve discuss the importance of being vulnerable. Like us on 

Begin Again

Begin Again is a raw recording about starting over. Recognizing when you need to regroup and re-chisle your dreams can be a freeing proposition. Listen in to an intimate converstaion between Michele & Steve discuss what they are working through at the moment. Like Us on

Get Your Sexy Back!

This is a good one everybody! Our "Living by The Seasons Friend" is here as a guest host and boy did we learn a lot! Topics include: living presently within nature, getting your sexy back and most importantly, not losing it in the first place, and so much more from Steve & Michele's  famous "Line Up." Like Us on

Am I Normal? I hope not!

What is normal to you? Are you struggling to conform to societies norms and expectations? Sometimes we are and we don't even realize it.  Judgement and Normality are discussed as the main topics tonight. Stop judging yourself and others and start to live the life you have always imagined. Like Us on  

Rise Up

This episode discusses how we can rise up to use our own personal legend to make a difference. Listen in to the many inspiring stories about one's ability to change the world. 

Guilty Pleasures

Come on you know you have them! Guilty pleasures are so much fun. Listen in to Steve & Michele discuss how these simple pleasures can keep you smiling. Also, recognizing your talent within and birthing it for the world to see. Like Us on

Soul Mates

This is a classic recording on an inspirational topic...soul mates. They could be all around you and you might not even realize it. And they don't have to be romantic! Like Us on

Night Swimming

Forever Young....I want to be Forever Young.  It doesn't matter what your age is...your youth is now.  Listen in to Michele and Steve discuss REM's Night Swimming song and how it relates to capturing the feeling of our youth as a reminder that today is your youth. Sometimes a routine drive home from work and a song playing on the radio can spark spirituality.  Like us on or send us an email at 

Why Wait???

People seem to find one reason or another to wait...We often hear...I'll wait until I retire or I am waiting for when the moment is right..The list of excuses go on and on....Listen in for reasons why NOT to wait...We also talk about depression, Steve's lack of compliments and The Famous Summer List! email us at or LIKE US  on

Redefine Failure

What does it mean to fail? Does it mean success in trying?  Well it should!  Listen in to a very compelling story about failure and what it means to redefine it in achieving your dreams. Also, two great calls from our Laugh or Go CRAZY family share their own personal spiritual journey and the lessons within. Thanks Mel and Cindy for sharing. Visit us on 

Love The You Now

Another wow topic. Loving the you now, not who you used to be. Also, knowing the difference between the you now vs what you want to be. Loving you now, just the way you are.... as imperfect as that might be. Also, Living By The Seasons.....a unique concept of how to get the most out of your life in all seasons.  or email us at

I’m Important To Me!

Are you important to you? It's an important question and theme that ran through our show tonight. Of course the answer is yes, but so often we act and think in opposite ways. Also, self-fulfillment is something that we often don't have time for but is the key to increasing our personal bandwidth.  email us at 



Mobile Device Rehab

Are you in serious need for "mobile device rehab?" Do you forget that people are in the room? Listen in to Michele and Steve discuss how a simple device can limit your presence in a world of wonder. This recording might actually change your habits and make you become more balanced. like us on or email us at

The Barber Story

I love this recording! It was recorded years back when Michele & I spoke into voice recorders and exchanged them nightly with our crazy stories. Looking back now, this is one of my favorite stories and important lessons in my spiritual journey. It may be short, but it's loaded with good advice and laughter.   Like us on Facebook 

Make A Memory

Life is all about the end that's all we have. So why not make every moment a memory? Next time someone asks you to do something, think about that moment years from now and say to yourself, hey, I want to make this a memory that lasts forever! This podcast is a life saver. Like us on FACEBOOK